Knights of Columbus Place Mat Fundraiser 2024


Please review the 2024 Fish Fry page for DEALS and more details.

The Placemat or Place Mat will be 14" wide by 10" high and feature custom ads.

Blocks are 1” by 2” each (WxH) and ads have 4 size options:

Ad Size Description Donation

Small (click here $25)

Small (click here $100)

1 block (SM) $25 - $199

Standard (click here $300)

2 blocks or more (STD) $300 - $499
Medium (click here $500)

3 blocks or more (MED)

$500 - $999
Large (click here $1000)

4 or more blocks; (LG) section of blocks

(4-5 minimum or up to 10+ blocks!)

$1000 or more

Smallest block we sell is 1"x2" (WxH) for as little as a $25 donation, but we prioritize placement based on donation size which means as we get more donors, your 1 block at $25 may not be in the kind of place that your business deserves.  Buy a larger block and improve your placement and visibility, guaranteed.

Placemat donations for the "first wave" (St Augustines) conclude on February 21, 2024 at 5pm. (event day 2/23)

Donations may continue but would only be for the St Anns and St Theresa events. (3/3, 3/8 respectively)

Call now and ask about the Knights of Columbus Place Mat Fundraiser to get started!

Limited space available.

Tom (914) 384-871

Steve (914) 557-4942

Adam (914) 623-8433

Thank you for your support!

It is 100% acceptable to combine/purchase multiple Ad item quantity to (a) increase donation OR to (b) place multiple ads (or both).  Larger ad placements may be reviewed to meet your specific needs with someone prior to printing, based on time available. 

*** Please note; there is a fee we are charged for online orders which is added to the donation.  Contact your Knight if you prefer to pay a different way. Thank you for understanding.